What is ETC ?

The European Travel Commission (ETC) is the organisation responsible for the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination.

Which European countries are involved?

Thirty-two countries.

European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain.

Others: Iceland, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey.

Since when?
ETC has been operating for more than 60 years. It was established in 1948, and operates as a non profit-making international organisation.
Who are the members ?

The National Tourist Organisations (NTOs) of Europe handling national tourism promotion. They elect a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Board of Directors, a Chairman of the Market Intelligence Group and a Chairman of the e-Marketing Network for revolving two years terms.

Where does ETC operate ?
In four major overseas markets: Brazil, Canada, China, USA.
What kind of promotion ?
ETC undertakes three basic activities: public relations, consumer advertising and trade promotion. Prior market research determines the choice of activities and campaigns in the overseas markets.
How does ETC function ?


The representatives of the overseas offices of the European National Tourist Offices (NTOs) operating in the various long-haul markets join together to form an ETC Operations Group and elect a Chairman. They decide on a programme of joint activities for the promotion of Europe for the year ahead, propose a budget, and seek local industry support.

In Europe.

This programme is submitted for approval to ETC's Members in Europe, who meet twice a year (in Spring and Autumn) for a General Meeting.

Who provides the budget ?
ETC is entirely financed by Members' contributions, calculated according to a set of agreed criteria. Additional financial support for specific campaigns is raised overseas. Long-standing local industry support for ETC's activities is proof of its credibility in the field. ETC's seed money is multiplied annually by two, three or even four times.
Who carries out the promotional activities?

Each Operations Group may hire the services of a public relations agency which is also responsible for raising local industry support. ETC's strength is that it has very low running costs, and can therefore allocate the major proportion of its funds to its overseas activities.

What are ETC'S other activities ?

ETC provides a Forum for the Directors of the European NTOs to meet regularly and exchange ideas. It is in constant touch with all international organisations and with people working in tourism.

Can ETC help me to arrange accomodation, issue or book flight tickets or visas, ETC ?

NO, because ETC's role is to promote Europe as a tourism destination in overseas markets. We are neither a tour operator nor a travel agency. Thus, we do not offer services such as the issuing or booking of air tickets, arrangement of accommodation, visas etc.

Is ETC an institution of the European Union ?
NO. Please note that the European Travel Commission is neither part of the European Commission nor an institution of the European Union. Links to the European Union can be found in our section European Union.
Can ETC provide me with research reports ?

Conducting research into various markets for tourism to Europe is a major activity undertaken by ETC on behalf of its members and, in some cases, for the industry at large. Studies, reports and other research resources which have been prepared or coordinated by the ETC can be found in our section Research Reports & Studies.

Can ETC provide me with statistics ?

Statistical information about tourism to and within Europe can be found in our section Statistics. ETC works in close collaboration with a number of other agencies who also provide other specific information you might find useful. Please do not hesitate to visit their websites. Links to these can be found in our section Partners. For statistics on country and city tourism in most European countries check out TourMIS (registration is free).

Can ETC help me to attract europeans to countries outside of Europe ?

NO, since ETC is EXCLUSIVELY interested in European INBOUND tourism, i.e. visitors from overseas markets coming to Europe.

Can ETC provide me with travel information about European Countries ?

In this respect we would like to refer you to the consumer-oriented European travel portal visiteurope.com, where you will find useful travel information about all member countries, travel and accommodation planning tools, links to the official websites of the National Tourist Offices (NTOs) of the country that you are interested in and much more.

Is ETC interested in information about my conference venue ?

NO. When it comes to planning ETC meetings it is the responsibility of the National Tourist Office (NTO) of the particular host country to organise all aspects of the meeting, including the conference venue. Therefore, we recommend contacting the NTOs in this regard.

Does ETC provide financial support or sponsorship for my company or project ?

Since ETC is a non-profit making organisation, we cannot provide financial means to support third parties.

Can ETC provide me with contacts in the tourism industry E.G. tour operators?

For information about other tourism organisations we would like to refer you to the links provided in our section Partners or our section Links.

Can ETC provide me with images of Europe ?

The National Tourist Offices (NTOs) of the 33 European countries provide a photo gallery on our travel portal website visiteurope.com. You can access the image gallery here.

How can I contact the staff of ETC ?

Please use the "Contact us" form.

What is the difference between the ETC corporate website and visiteurope.com ?

While the ETC corporate website provides information, research studies and statistical data mainly for professionals in the tourism industry, visiteurope.com serves as a platform for consumers who wish to find travel information about European countries they would like to visit.

If you have questions regarding your next visit to Europe, please have a look at www.visiteurope.com.

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