Promoting Europe

The European Travel Commission (ETC) exists to market Europe as a whole to overseas visitor markets and to provide information, advice and support to its member NTOs.

Europe has to face several challenges as competing for market share:

  • the need to re-capture lost share of the global tourism market;
  • the need to promote lesser known destinations within Europe;
  • and the need to keep up with technological developments.

In this context, the ETC has established the following objectives:

  • to establish the ETC as the leading organisation responsible for marketing Europe as a whole to overseas markets.
  • to increase Europe's market share of global tourism.
  • to provide an attractive and useful range of services to its members that enhances their individual and collective competitiveness.
  • to raise the profile of ETC within the tourism industry in Europe.

Given its limited resources (raised from member NTOs and private sector support), the ETC has to prioritise its approach by:

  • focusing on e-distribution as a cost effective way of reaching global markets
  • developing programmes that leverage additional resources.
  • maximising its credibility with and influence on key decision-makers within Europe at the continental, national, regional and city levels.
  • fostering a closer working relationship with the EU, and
  • undertaking high quality market research.

The work of the ETC is guided by five principles:

  • coordination: maximising the deployment of expertise via specialist working groups
  • fiscal prudence and management: working within a carefully discussed and approved budget
  • networks: linking members and key partners in a useful e-community (intranet)
  • diversity: providing the means whereby the many nationalities and cultures within Europe work together; and
  • interaction: encouraging dialogue and participation with the tourism industry and other relevant partners.

and accomplished via four marketing Operations Groups whose members are comprised of NTO personnel located in source markets.

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