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Europe FAM Trips

Showcasing thematic pan-European products and experiences

In 2020, the European Travel Commission, in cooperation with several international partners, organised a series of familiarization trips for niche tour operators, travel wholesalers and other members of the travel trade from long-haul markets for the purpose of educating them about thematic pan-European products and experiences. The familiarization trips are co-funded by the European Union.


Europe stands for the fundamental values of freedom, democracy and equality. Europe was the main stage for a majority of the world’s most important historical events, which exerted significant influence and shaped the modern world we live in today. These events are an essential education feature that give a crucial lesson to learn if you are to understand your place in the world today.

ETC invited North American buyers to trace the footsteps of the heroes that liberated Europe. Participants explored historical sites, museums and iconic monuments in some of the most popular European cultural destinations. These familiarization trips took place between 4 and 11 February 2020. Two itineraries were available which included visits to sites in Italy and Czech Republic and in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.


Europe has traditionally been known as the “old continent”, but even today, people in Europe are setting new world trends. Europe is creating the future by reinventing its past and rich cultural heritage. In Europe, you can merge into the vibrant lifestyle and contemporary cultural scene of Europe, where creativity is all around; swap landmarks for local life, trade the well-worn path for a secret side street and explore neighbourhoods curating the artists of tomorrow.

A creative familiarization trip for North American buyers took place between 26 February and 4 March 2020. The itinerary included visits to sites and creative experiences in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.


Shift away from ‘what there is in Europe to do’ to ‘how it makes you feel’. Relax, live life at a slower pace and get closer to seldom seen natural areas in Europe. Get involved in unique educational and nature-focused experiences and explore local culture in special sites that are far enough to be uncrowded. Forge deeper connections with the people and the traditions of the places you visit and broaden your perspective on the world.

ETC also planned a series of familiarization trips for North American and Chinese buyers to showcase Europe’s nature and outdoors products and experiences with special emphasis on Slow Adventure.


Are you a niche tour operator, travel wholesaler or members of the travel trade industry, based in Northern America or China and would you like to participate in a EUROPE fam trip? Stay tuned for future opportunities and announcements on the ETC website.

Co-funded by the European Union