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European Stories Network

Creating an ecosystem of engaging travel content

The European Travel Commission (ETC)is developing the European Stories Network.

Stories are a mobile-focused format (Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP) for delivering content in a visually rich, fast-loading, full-screen tap-through experience. These travel stories allow for a mobile-first, immersive experience that delivers a visual narrative composed of photos, videos and text.

The European Story Network  provides a unique ecosystem of compelling, mobile-first content created by ETC, its member NTOs and local partners that showcases extraordinary travel experiences across a decentralized audience reaching travellers all over the world.

Thanks to ETC’s partnership with CrowdRiff, ETC Members receive free access to the story creator, allowing them to create and publish their own stories which are globally distributed via embedded galleries on partners´ websites. Stories are also indexed by Google and displayed in search results. By joining the network, destinations are able to build consistent content, amplify distribution, work off common analytics and create efficient feedback channels.

Many NTOs around Europe have joined this pioneering network, including: Belgium (Wallonia), Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. The story galleries reached over 17 million Google impressions and almost 190,687 story views.

ETC members interested in joining the network as well as anybody interested in displaying stories galleries (like the one below) on their website are kindly invited to contact the Executive Unit.

Click below to see some of our latest stories!

Co-funded by the European Union