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Prêmio Europa de Comunicação 2023

The Oscars for travel journalists in Brazil

The Prêmio Europa de Comunicação is an initiative of ETC in Brazil which encourages and recognizes the work of travel journalists, communication experts, and content creators that contribute to the development and consolidation of the tourism image of Europe in Brazil.

Each year, the award winners are selected by a panel of judges made up of experts in the field of communication and tourism and representatives of ETC members in Brazil.

The 33rd edition of the Prêmio Europa de Comunicação took place in December 2023 at the Consulate of the Czech Republic in São Paulo.

The lucky winners in each category were:

Best printed article: Marcel Vincenti: Ilha do Pico: um paraíso bruto para descobrir a 1663km
de Lisboa

Best audiovisual work: Gilberto Smaniotto: A Espanha de Picasso

Best social media work: Natália Manczyk: Você já conhecia esse passe para viajar de trem pela Europa?

Special award: Cecilia Padilha

See below a recap the award ceremony:


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