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Help Desk

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

Yes. Prior to starting the application form, you are asked to create a user account. After completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your application form. Your application form is associated with the email address that you entered during your registration. This allows you to save and continue your application at your convenience. Note that the progress on each page of the form (there are 3 pages in total) will only be saved when the “Next” or “Back” buttons at the bottom of the page are clicked. To retrieve your application form, simply click on the link in your registration confirmation email.

Following information has to be submitted in the application form: campaign name, passion point and subthemes, objectives, campaign scope and description, target audience, timing and measurable outputs. You may submit any other supporting documents. Selected proposals are then subject to further public procurement procedures in order to select the supplier for each campaign.

As stated in section 4.1. Exclusion criteria of Terms and Conditions, co-financing by ETC may be given for an activity which has already begun, provided applicants can justify the need to start the action before an agreement is signed. In such cases, costs eligible for co-financing may not have been incurred prior to the date of submission of the application. In any case such costs must be justified by the applicant and approved in advance by ETC.


Municipalities are eligible entities as long as they act as a DMO. Please see 4.2. Eligibility criteria.

Yes, consortia can be exclusively made up of public entities.

Yes, consortia can be exclusively made up of private companies.

Yes, this is possible. Please refer to 4.2 Eligibility Criteria of the Terms and Conditions.

Yes, the consortium partners can all be located in the same country (or in different countries), but the campaign should still promote at least 2 countries. See section 2.2 Geographical scope. 

Private or public enterprises established in non EU countries are eligible to apply or be part of the consortium by means of their own resources, but their  contributions will not be matched by ETC. Only funds by EU member states will be eligible to receive funding.

A partner is defined as a legal entity (either a public, private or public-private body) that contributes to co-fund the campaign by means of its own financial resources. See Glossary on Page 3 of document Terms and Conditions.

Eligible applicants must jointly apply as a consortium. Eligible consortia must comprise a minimum of two and a maximum of six eligible applicants. Applicants are responsible for sourcing partners for the project but can contact ETC through the Helpdesk should they need assistance finding suitable partners.

In brief, the threshold values are the following:

  • Public contracts up to EUR 30,000 without VAT can be closed after having formally and duly consulted with at least three different suppliers.
  • Public contracts from EUR 30,000 up to EUR 144,000 without VAT can be closed after having formally and duly consulted with at least three different suppliers and having made a formal request for proposals available through ETC’s channels.
  • Public contracts from EUR 144,000 onwards without VAT require strict procedures including publication in the Belgian Public Tender Bulletin and a minimum term of 35 days for the submission of tenders.

Exceptions and specific requirements to the above principles may apply. Please contact ETC for further details, if necessary, before submitting your proposal.

There are no specific requirements or limitations regarding visibility of partners of your consortia. Regarding publicity, you are required to give prominence to the logo and the name and emblem of the European Union. For more information, please see the Publicity Guidelines for this call for proposals.

No. As stated in section 2.7. Co-funding requirements of the Terms and Conditions and in line with the principle of co-financing, ETC will not finance the entire cost of the promotional campaign. The partners must contribute to finance the campaign by means of their own financial resources. The sum of the contribution from each campaign partner must at least match the requested contribution from ETC to a 50/50 ratio.

ETC’s financial contribution to the promotional campaign can only cover expenditures from third party suppliers different from the campaign partners (applicants). (see 2.7. Co-funding requirements).

Costs related to staff and travel expenses of the applicants are not eligible costs (see 2.7. Co-funding requirements).

Contributions in kind are not accepted.

The consortium as a whole is expected to match ETC’s financial contribution at least.

The Pan-European Thematic Dimension criteria refers to the geographic scope the proposed campaigns and the extent to which the campaign can deliver a trans-European message. 

Campaigns will be awarded based on the quality and financial criteria set out in 4.3 Award Criteria of the Terms and Conditions. There is no discrimination when it comes to the size of the campaigns nor the type of eligible applicants.

ETC envisages that the selection procedure will take approximately 1 month after the submission deadline to complete (see 2.5 Implementation period). On completion of the selection processes, ETC will notify in written the final decision and next steps to undertake to each application coordinator.