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Code of Ethics

The European Travel Commission aims to empower our members, stakeholders, and the industry to shape the future of tourism in Europe, for the benefit of all.

Our vision is to be acknowledged as the foremost advocate for advancing Europe’s status as the world’s most competitive, sustainable, and inclusive travel destination by 2030.

We commit to the following values in all aspects of our activities and operations:


We conduct our activities with integrity, honesty, and fairness, adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.  

  • Our commitment to integrity means that every action we take is rooted in the values that we uphold: inclusiveness, collaboration, solidarity, creativity, and diversity. 

We believe in sustainable leadership.

  • We aim to inspire positive change in travel and tourism by acting in a way that sets a good example for others to follow. 

We hold a deep commitment to environmental conservation and the preservation of our planet.

  • We are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. This involves a comprehensive approach that includes accounting for our carbon footprint and working diligently to reduce it over time. Our ultimate goal is to achieve net-zero operations no later than 2050. 

In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritise social sustainability in destination stewardship.

  • We actively support local communities in fostering meaningful connections between travellers and residents. We advocate for the fair and ethical treatment of workers in the European tourism industry, both within our organisation and membership and throughout the travel ecosystem supply chain.  

We maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of our members, employees, and partners. 

  • ETC’s operations are fully EU GDPR compliant. 


We strive to lead by example and help the European tourism community achieve the common goals listed in the ETC mission and vision.

  • We work to strengthen existing relationships and create new partnerships within and beyond the ETC membership, selecting potential partners that align with our values and that will advance a more responsible and inclusive tourism industry.

We aim to create a ripple effect of positive change through collaborative excellence

  • We actively communicate about ETC’s work and ETC members’ success stories in order to share our knowledge, enrich each other’s understanding and elevate our collective potential.

We recognise the importance of collaboration and cooperation with our members, employees, and partners.  

  • We cultivate an open-minded attitude that allows for diverse viewpoints and encourages collaboration. We foster teamwork within the organisation via the creation of working groups including all ETC members.  

We create open and transparent communication channels 

  • We encourage active listening, sharing of ideas, and constructive feedback among the members and the Executive Unit 


We embrace solidarity as a building principle.  

  • We recognise that we are all interconnected and that the collective well-being of Europe as a tourism destination is dependent on the sustainable development of tourism activity in each ETC member country. The financial and operational contributions of ETC members to the organisation are proportionate to the economic development of their countries and how much they benefit from extra-European tourism.  

We stand united and support each other, particularly in times of challenge or adversity.  

  • We ensure that our operations offer value and support to all ETC members, and that every member is treated as a separate entity with unique challenges and needs.   

We stand for travel as an extension of the fundamental human right to freedom of movement and as a contributor to global peace and cooperation 

  • We understand that travel to and within Europe is a means to uphold and promote the values that are deeply ingrained in our history, culture, and way of life, such as cultural diversity and tolerance, respect for human rights and democracy, environmental consciousness and sustainability, and multilateralism and cooperation.  


We strive to think imaginatively, generate new ideas, and approach challenges in innovative ways to create a dynamic tourism environment.  

  • We encourage and support innovation in the activities and services we offer to the ETC members and partners. We strive to create unique and memorable travel experiences that inspire and engage our guests. 

We foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.  

  • We encourage the ETC members and employees to stay updated on industry trends, ethical standards, and sustainable practices. 

We value the power of technology to revolutionise the way people travel to and explore our destinations 

  • We are open to collaboration with technology providers of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes, and we actively engage with the tourism industry in order to create an environment where ideas can be freely shared and built upon. 


We respect diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and ability.  

  • We embrace diversity as a source of strength and inspiration and strive to create an environment that respects and celebrates the diversity of our members, employees, partners and visitors.  

We commit to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.  

  • We work to ensure equal opportunities for all members’ representatives, Executive Unit employees, partners and potential travellers. 

We firmly believe in the power of inclusivity and recognise that diverse teams can lead to more innovative and effective problem-solving.  

  • We ensure that all opinions can be expressed freely and are taken into account in final decisions, regardless of hierarchy or seniority. We use inclusive language that avoids stereotypes or offensive terms in our communications and marketing activities, and are mindful of the impact of our words on others.