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ETC-CIFFT Video Competition


The International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) recognises, rewards and celebrates excellence in the Travel Video Marketing Industry. Established in 1989 in Vienna, its mission is to promote the creativity and economic development of the audiovisual industry linked to the promotion of destinations, tourism products and tourist services. CIFFT is the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in Travel Video Marketing Industry. With 18 festival members, the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit is the exclusive competition for the Travel and Tourism video marketing, spanning 16 countries and 18 cities.

ETC has teamed up with CIFFT to award promotional tourism videos from its Full Members and Associate Members, recognizing the importance of multimedia in tourist marketing destinations. The winning videos will be sponsored to compete free of charge at the CIFFT Grand Prix Circuit in 2021.

The Competition

There are two themes of the competition:

  1. Social responsibility and value of tourism/COVID-19 : This category is dedicated to videos created in light of the COVID-19 crisis which raise awareness of the value of tourism and its social impact and/or appeal to people to support the industry during this period and after the crisis e.g. dream now, travel later; postpone, don’t cancel, etc. Who Can take Part: ETC full and associate members.
  2. Country Promotion Videos: This category will award promotional tourism videos from NTOs. Who Can take Part: ETC full members.

Only videos completed after the 1st of January 2020 can be entered in the competition

Judging Criteria's and Judges

A group of professionals from areas such as Tourism, Audiovisual, Communication, PR, Marketing and Advertising will form the competition’s international jury. This group of juries will be chaired by the Director of CIFFT, Alexander V. Kammel. In order to ensure the transparency and neutrality of the panel of judges, the organization undertakes to share only relevant and strictly necessary information so that the evaluation runs without any kind of constraints. Therefore, the judges will have access to the Video, the Synopsis, the Target Group and the Goals/Objectives of each entry, essential elements to evaluate each piece according to the criteria indicated below:

  • Impact: What do you feel when you first view the video. Does the video evoke an emotion from the viewer? Does the video engage you from the onset or does it lose momentum?
  • Creativity: How the entrant was able to convey his idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through his lens, narrative, performance, etc.
  • Style: How the Entrant is able to showcase his personal originality and technique to influence the video’s interpretation and presentation.
  • Subject Matter: Was the subject matter addressed in the narrative, performance and music (if applicable) in the video appropriately represent the promotional theme?
  • Storytelling: How the Entrant is able to let his Video evoke the viewer’s imagination? Is the story being told the right story for the Sponsor and his brand?
  • Goal Effectiveness: Does the Subject Matter/Content/Performance fall within the assignment/theme? Is it relevant? What is the Impact? What does the video emote, within a visual, emotional, aesthetic, and intellectual context?
  • Wow! Factor?: Does it have the Wow! Factor? What is the overall impression? Does the video stand on its own, as complete and outstanding?

Video Specifications

Video format (minimum Required):

  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Codec: H264 (mp4)

Important Dates

Deadline for registrations: October 9th 2020
Award Ceremony: During ETC General Meeting 25-27th November 2020, Luxembourg.


There will be three winners of the competition as selected by the jury.

  • First place – Trophy + Diploma + Sponsor of the Entry Fee at the CIFFT Circuit 2021 by ETC
  • Second place – Trophy + Diploma + Sponsor of the Entry Fee at the CIFFT Circuit 2021 by ETC
  • Third place – Trophy + Diploma + Sponsor of the Entry Fee at the CIFFT Circuit 2021 by CIFFT