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ETC Elects A New Executive Team of Vice-Presidents

ETC Elects A New Executive Team of Vice-Presidents

The CEOs of Turismo de Portugal and the Icelandic Tourist Board along with Tourism Ireland’s central marketing director have been elected vice presidents of ETC.

João Cotrim de Figueiredo, (Turismo de Portugal), Ólöf Ýrr Atladóttir (Icelandic Tourist Board) and Mark Henry (Tourism Ireland) are ETC’s new team of Vice-Presidents. The election took place at the 89th General Meeting of the ETC, held this week in Riga, Latvia.

The responsibilities of the new team of vice-presidents will focus on broaden ETC´s cooperation with the travel industry and academia to remove disadvantages and create new advantages for tourism in Europe. Each vice-president will lead a portfolio of initiatives in the fields of sustainability, connectivity and travel facilitation in Europe, including inter alia improvement in the visa regime for long-haul travellers, increase air connectivity with overseas markets and implementation of sustainable tourism development practices.