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ETC Publishes New Edition of Long-Haul Travel Barometer

ETC Publishes New Edition of Long-Haul Travel Barometer


The summer peak travel season is a key indicator of European destinations’ success in attracting an increasing number of international travellers every year. On average, half of a year’s total international tourist arrivals are recorded between May and August – rendering these months pivotal to ensuring a prosperous result for the European tourism sector.

Gathering indications on potential travel behaviour is therefore paramount to react to and capitalise on latest market trends. In 2016, long-haul travel markets are bound to tip the scales – the five outbound markets under scrutiny alone represent 11% of total European inbound travel.

Survey data reveals that travel sentiment for the next months is upbeat, more so in Europe’s largest long-haul market, the United States of America. Across markets, potential travellers are seeking unique cultural, outdoor and learning experiences. Are European destinations prepared to cater to these increasingly sophisticated travellers?

We have summarised the key results in a brief infographic that you can download the full version here: Long-Haul Travel Barometer Edition 3/2016.