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PR event and roadshow in Brazil- Q&A

Below is the list of questions and answers about the request for proposals.

The contractor should suggest the most suitable format and timing to achieve the project objectives, explaining the reason behind the proposed approach.

See point 4. RSVP management (Activity 1 – section 3.1 in the Request for Proposal). It applies to all events.

The press will be involved directly – but not exclusively – in Activity 1, day 2.

All the events are to be promoted to enhance attendance and awareness of the events among the target groups. With reference to the communication strategies described in section 3.1 (Activity 1 – 5. Promotion, and Activity 2 – 6. Promotion), results of the event promotion on social media, website, press releases, and any other relevant media must be reported.

The roadshow aims to facilitate new business relations and the exchange of ideas and knowledge among key Brazilian travel trade stakeholders and the representatives of the ETC member National Tourism Offices.

ETC and its partners will provide some promotional materials (i.e brochures, little giveaways, etc). The exact contribution that each country will make to the roadshow will be determined at a later time.

The delegation of representatives/partners will consist of plus-minus 10-15 individuals per event.

The roadshow is open to ETC members only. The number of exhibitors will consist of approximately 10-15 individuals per event.

a) Nationalities: Multiple European nationalities.

b) Languages spoken: The primary language for all events will be Portuguese. However, the contractor should plan for an Italian-Portuguese translator for both activities (confirmation will be based on the final list of partners).

The expected number of participants per event is 70 people. In their proposal, the contractor can indicate the number of participants they expect to engage in each city.

The concept revolves around one-to-one meetings. The contractor is responsible for suggesting and justifying the most appropriate format to accomplish the objectives. Audiovisuals are likely to be needed for the meetings.