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Q&A – RFP Production and execution of a digital marketing media campaign in the US market “Alps – Adriatic – Amazing”

Below is the list of questions and answers about this Request for Proposals.

As stated in the RFP in section 3.2 Content page, the minimum quantity of content piece / article must be 1. The contractor can propose a more complex structure. Relevant assets will be included as part of the brief, consisting of key messaging and branding materials, including raw video materials, photos, and other elements that the contractor would require (section 3. Requirements and deliverables of the RFP).

Proposals must be received by 16/06/2024 at 23:59 (CEST). The deadline for application will not be changed.

There is no incumbent agency for this campaign. ETC is looking for a contractor to implement a B2C digital marketing campaign as detailed in the RFP.

There is no preference regarding the location of the contractor’s headquarters, provided that they are an established high-end specialised travel or lifestyle media with experience in communicating to the US sustainable and inclusive travel segment, with a focus on B2C promotion. References to relevant experience in delivering comparable work must be provided.