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Demographic Change and Tourism

Publication date:
Jun 2010


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The structure of societies is continuously changing: The world population is forecast to grow to 8.3 billion in 2030, life expectancy is projected to increase in most of the world, households and families are becoming more diverse, and migration is changing the face of societies. All these changes will impact upon the types of tourists, where they originate from, where they travel to, the types of accommodation they require and the activities they engage in while travelling.

The UNWTO/ETC Report on Demographic Change and Tourism aims to be a reference for destinations and the industry to achieve a better understanding of current and future changes and to anticipate and react upon them in the most competitive way. It includes a comprehensive analysis of major demographic trends and how these will impact on tourism in specific generating markets focusing on three major trends: population growth and aging; household composition and travel parties; migration.

Executive Summary

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