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Tracking E-Reputation of Europe in Long-Haul Markets (June-July 2022)

Publication date:
Sep 2022





A thorough analysis of internet conversations, articles and posts regarding travel to Europe shows that the region’s reputation has been drastically impacted in June-July 2022 due to external factors and tourism-centric topics. Factors such as heatwaves and wildfires across several European countries, the resurgence of Covid 19 cases, Monkeypox spread, inflation, labour shortages, and airport/ferry disruption have all contributed to this decline.

Despite this negative trend, positive drivers have also been captured in consumers’ social sentiment demonstrating Europe’s overall touristic appeal:

  • Affordable destination budgeting tips
  • The well-developed rail network in European countries allows travelling easily between destinations
  • Many lesser-known places to discover Europe’s diversity and local heritage
  • The presence of sustainability options through different travel verticals
  • The diversity of traditions and celebrations across European

This project is co-funded by the European Union.

The analysis is conducted in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Russia & the US.

Results are prepared with the expertise of TCI Research