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Content development services for destination marketing – Q&A

Below is the list of questions and answers about this RFP.

ETC will have published the answers to all questions received in due course by 28 January 2022 at 18:00 (CET).

Note that questions submitted beyond the 26 January at 14:00 (CET) deadline have not been answered.

All relevant information to this procedure is included in the Technical Specifications and in the draft Framework Agreement.

ETC intends to develop travel content that appeals to the niche target audiences described in section 2.3 Target audience and contributes to achieving the objectives listed in section 2.2 Objectives of the technical specifications. Regarding content requirements, these are described in section 4.1 Minimum requirements and deliverables of the technical specifications.

References of past content can be found on the digital channels listed in footnote 9, page 11 of the technical specifications and in particular on the website


Media buy is not part of the scope of this project.

Social media management is not part of the scope of the project.

There is no minimum number of influencers to be included in the campaign.

For the purpose of this project, “long-haul” travellers are defined as travellers from outside of the European continent visiting multiple European destinations for leisure purposes, most significantly from North and South America and from Asia and the Pacific region. The average length of stay of long-haul travellers in Europe is usually between one and two weeks. Further information on travel behaviour of the travel audience can be found in the footnotes on page 4 and 5 of the technical specifications.

The proof of clear criminal record of the legal representative of the organisation must be provided by the awarded contractor only. A signed self-declaration as a proof of clear criminal record is not sufficient. The awarded contractor must provide an official proof from the relevant authorities.

The selection criteria and exclusion grounds for participation in this procedure are described in section 3.Selection of the technical specifications.

ETC cannot sign an NDA. We advise the contractor to include as much information as they can disclose in their proposal. The proposals received by ETC for this project are not disclosed publicly, but they are shared with the European Commission (co-funding this project), financial auditors (for audit of the procurement procedure) and on request, with any other EU Institution or entity appointed by the EU in charge of audits on this project.

The contractor must use the model reference form (Annex 3) to provide at least three case studies of relevant past comparable work carried out by the contractor. A maximum number of pages to present the case study was not defined, however, proposals must be clear and concise. ETC foresees that 1-2 pages per case study are enough to provide the required information. This information is required to assess the technical and professional ability of the contractor (see section 3.2 Selection criteria).

The total maximum contract value for the entire term of the framework agreement is EUR 4,000,000 (four million euros), exclusive of VAT. This value is inclusive of all potential costs within the scope of the project, its requirements and deliverables.

All costs are to be included within the maximum contract value of the project.

ETC foresees that the profiles listed in section 4.1.3 Project Management of the Technical Specifications will be enough to execute the project. These profiles make up the project team. Other profile types and third parties’ costs (subcontractors) are not accepted unless specifically required by ETC during project implementation in which case they will be subject to a separate quotation. If the contractor intends to outsource any of the tasks of the project team, that must be clearly specify in its proposal.

The proposal must included a description of the project team to be deployed for the execution of the project, their credentials and roles (see section 7.1. Content of the proposal). This information is necessary to assess the quality of the proposed project team (see section 6.2 Quality criteria).

The case study exercise must address the questions listed on page 26, Annex 2 of the technical specifications. It is up to the contractor to determine the level of detail of information provided in its proposal.

The given budget refers to content development costs only. It does not include human resources or media buy costs.

The timeline should show the main tasks and milestones to deliver the marketing content as per the action plan envisioned by the contractor

The extent to which the strategy and positioning of the Experience Europe brand has been applied and understood (brand alignment) is one of the quality evaluation criteria. This criterion will be assessed on the basis of the case study exercise. The case study, however, can focus on the Nature aspect of the experience only.

The contractor should take the “Experience Europe brand strategy” as the basis to develop the case study. The existing “Europe invites the curious” may be taken as reference as well.

Please see the campaign landing page for reference. Campaign learning will be shared with the awarded contractor only.

The selection of tactics and channels should be primarily based on the niche target audiences, namely, the most appropriate channels and tactics to reach and engage the target audience. The contractor can develop its case study based on an associated media budget of their choice. This should be clearly described in the proposal.

The number of campaigns per year varies depending on budget availability and ETC and its partner’s priorities. As a reference, ETC foresees to roll out at least three campaigns during the first five months of the framework agreement.

We understand that this question refers to the case study exercise (Annex 2). Each contractor is expected to submit one comprehensive proposal only.

This is a public procurement procedure. It is not possible for ETC to know the number of contractors that will submit a proposal.

As explained in section 7.4 Final Provision of the technical specifications, the awarded contractor shall have no exclusivity right. During the term of the framework agreement, further works, identical or analogous to the performance subject to the framework agreement, may be performed by other contractors or service providers of ETC. The contractor cannot claim any compensation

The framework agreement contract is a draft which is provided for reference to potential contractors. The final terms of the agreement will be discussed and agreed between ETC and the awarded contractor.

No, all the terms and conditions are included in the draft Framework Agreement.