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RFP Monitoring Travel Sentiment in Long-Haul Markets Q&A

Slider values between 40-60 are excluded from the calculation of the Sentiment Index only. When the Sentiment Index is calculated, the specified weights must be applied.

The rest of the survey results, which are not related to the sentiment (e.g., which destination people want to visit, how long they plan to stay, what transport they wish to use, etc.), are based on the sample of all respondents, which placed the slider on 50 or more  in the sentiment question. I.e., weights are not used for the analysis of these questions.

An iFrame (short for inline frame) is an HTML element that allows you to display dynamic content like graphs and charts from an external source within a desired page – in this case, the ETC Dashboard.

For this project, the awarded consultant shall extract data for selected questions and then create iFrames that can be easily integrated into ETC’s dashboard.

This means that the contracted consultant needs to present the data in a visual format (such as charts, graphs, or tables) in an iFrame . The ETC dashboard would then display this embedded content.

The following sources could provide some ideas of what an iFrame is and how it functions,  W3Schools – HTML iFrames  and MDN Web Docs – The Inline Frame element