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Who We Are

The European Travel Commission is a non-profit organisation representing the national tourism organisations of Europe. Our 36-member tourism boards work together to build the value of tourism across diverse European destinations through cooperation in best-practice sharing, market intelligence, and promotion.

Our mission

Empower our members, stakeholders and the industry to shape the future of tourism in Europe for the benefit of all.

Our vision

To advance Europe’s status as the world’s most competitive, sustainable and inclusive travel destination by 2030.

Our Values


We foster teamwork by strengthening partnerships and promoting shared success in achieving our goals.


We drive innovation and inspire unique and engaging experiences.


We are proud of our differences and promote Europe in its diversity.


We support all members and create a culture of equal opportunities for all.


We are a force for good, undertaking responsible actions that benefit society and the environment.

ETC also shares the values of the European Union, notably freedom and equality.


ETC empowers European destinations to build a prosperous and sustainable tourism ecosystem through comprehensive research. Our efforts encompass generating market intelligence, promoting best practices, and fostering knowledge exchange.

ETC’s broad research portfolio supports members by monitoring consumer and destination trends, conducting benchmarking studies, and developing strategic guidelines on sustainability, crisis management, international cooperation, marketing, and forecasting. These activities also play a crucial role in advancing ETC’s ambitious promotion and advocacy programmes.

ETC intelligence is shared through various means and channels, including publications, videos, infographics, dashboards, webinars, and events. Collaboration with international tourism organisations, academia, and private sector partners enhances our research efforts.

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ETC works with its members and partners to engage global niche travel communities through tailored cooperative promotional programmes.

These communities include:

passionate about history, ancestry and cultural heritage.

ETC co-op promotional programmes are targeted towards consumers, trade and media in key long-haul markets.

These programmes make up the majority of ETC’s promotional efforts by offering a wide range of opportunities to present Europe as a leading sustainable and inclusive destination.

Such opportunities enable partners of all sizes to participate in the way we promote the diversity of travel experiences in Europe.

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ETC aims to promote the sustainable and inclusive development of tourism to enhance travel for future generations.

We work to raise awareness among European authorities and the general public about tourism’s vital role in Europe’s economic, social and cultural well-being.

By enhancing the sector’s visibility and fostering a supportive environment, ETC aims to maximise the benefits for tourism, prevent crises and overcome challenges.

Collaboration with institutions, policymakers and industry stakeholders is at the heart of ETC’s advocacy efforts.

Currently, ETC’s advocacy work addresses the following priorities:

  • Europe’s Competitiveness
  • Technological Acceleration
  • Sustainable and Green Transition
  • Destination Management
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ETC Strategic Framework 2030