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Below is the list of questions and answers about this tender.

The minimum number of reports are included in the request for proposals under section 3.5. IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD. There is no specific or fixed number of campaigns that will be executed in the three-year period of the duration of the Framework Agreement.

ETC foresees that the contractor will be asked to conduct at least 3 analytical reports for individual thematic promotional campaigns, one analytical report for multi-thematic promotional campaigns and one consolidated report (see 3.1) during the first half of 2022.

The contractor will have a maximum of 7 working days to submit the first draft of an analytical report following the end date of the campaign.

As to the image of the European countries to be analysed (scope of the campaign) the multi-thematic promotional campaign focuses on Europe (defined as ETC member countries) whereas the individual thematic promotional campaigns will be carried out by ETC member countries and partners/brands and are likely to focus on a few (1-3 approximately) European countries only. More information on the types of reports can be found under section 3.1 DELIVERABLES.

There is no concrete format in which the additional digital metrics/KPIs (views, clicks, etc) will be provided to the subcontractor, these will most likely be provided in Microsoft Excel format. Data will most likely be exported and shared with the contractor rather than providing access to each channel. However, this option can be discussed if deemed necessary.

There is a level of flexibility with the possibility of adapting to the requirements/methodology that suits the contactor and when data becomes available.

There is no overall budget for the project as this depends on the number of orders placed by ETC. The contractor should provide in the proposal a budget for the production of the different analytical reports. More information can be found under Sections 3.4. PROCEDURE TO PLACE ORDERS

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The deadline to submit questions about this RfP was 4 January 2022 at 14:00 (CET).