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ETC Publishes New Edition Of Long-Haul Travel Barometer

ETC Publishes New Edition Of Long-Haul Travel Barometer


The Long-Haul Travel Barometer captures the travel sentiment of potential travellers from US, China, Brazil, Japan and the Russian Federation and monitors their motivations, preferences and trip characteristics.

The latest results from the survey indicate that among highest-volume extra-European markets, the intention for overseas trips in the first months of 2018 is strongest among respondents from China. The positive sentiment in this market is a reassuring indicator paving the way for more than 12 million expected Chinese arrivals in 2018. Although sentiment index values remain positive in the US, Russia, and Japan, less than 30% of respondents from these markets are considering trips to Europe between January and April this year.

We have summarised the key results in a brief infographic that you can download here: Long-Haul Travel Barometer Edition 12/2018.