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ETC Snapshots – Travel Segments

ETC Snapshots – Travel Segments


Formerly a niche segment, senior travellers have become increasingly significant for tourism destinations. This is particularly the case in Europe, where the share of the elderly, people aged 60 years and older, reached 24% of the population in 2013. Alongside opportunities, new challenges arise to attract and delight a segment with distinctive needs.

ETC is pleased to announce the launch of the ETC Snapshots, a a series of reports on select travel segments and markets prepared by the ETC Executive Unit. These lean reports provide a quick overview of travellers’ characteristics, the likes and dislikes of their holiday experience and their satisfaction with Europe compared to competing regions. Key recommendations are also provided in the aim of providing support to ETC’s members.

The reports are realised with the TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index, an independent service that benchmarks international destinations’ brand experience. Developed by TCI Research, TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index monitors 80+ quality indexes for 250+ destinations, markets and segments, based on 35,000 interviews with tourists who recently experienced the destination.

The report is available for ETC members only, the download from this website is not possible.