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ETC Study On Chinese Media Consumption Patterns

ETC Study On Chinese Media Consumption Patterns

ETC announces the official launch of the ETC Study on Chinese Media Consumption Patterns

The Chinese travel market has become an immensely important target for European destinations with significant growth potential. For the Chinese traveller, destination visual elements and peer and famous people’s reviews are an important element in the decision-making process of travel experiences. Marketing in China is very sophisticated and social media and audio-visual tools have become a powerful instrument for influential efforts. Virtual reality is gaining increased popularity than elsewhere while travel agencies are making use of it to allow potential travellers to experience destinations and hotels before deciding where to go. Storification, gamification, or omni-channel are other areas where marketing in China has perhaps developed further than anywhere else.

The study investigates Chinese media consumption patterns in the decision-making process of a travel destination. Through this research, promotional efforts can be effectively tailored and adequately targeted to leverage and optimise marketing strategies, digital technologies, and audio-visual tools to connect to Chinese consumers.

The project is designed as a deliverable under the ETC-EC initiative ‘Destination Europe 2020’ and is co-founded by the European Union

The full report can be downloaded here

Co-funded by the European Union