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ETC Snapshots – Travel Segments: Youth Travellers

Publication date:
Dec 2014




ETC Snapshots is a series of reports on select travel segments and markets prepared by the ETC Executive Unit. These lean reports provide a quick overview of travellers’ characteristics, the likes and dislikes of their holiday experience and their satisfaction with Europe compared to competing regions. Key recommendations are also provided in the aim of providing support to ETC’s members.

This report deals with the youth traveller. Youth travel is an important segment for the tourism sector both in Europe and worldwide. People aged between 15 and 24 years represent only 12% of the European Union’s population but are accountable for 14% of all EU residents’ trips. Youth travellers are recognised as valuable visitors who seek novel and engaging experiences that go beyond leisure. They demand complementary ways to develop personal skills, social ties and cultural links. Destinations may benefit from building a relationship with tomorrow’s traveller early on in their travelling careers.

The report is available for ETC members only, the download from this website is not possible.