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Exploring Consumer Travel Attitudes and Expectations to Drive Tourism Recovery

Publication date:
Dec 2022





For destinations to be well prepared in an evolving travel landscape, it has become fundamental to identify trends and behavioural changes related to travel in a timely manner. Recognising this, the European Travel Commission has published a market study titled: “Exploring Consumer Travel Attitudes and Expectations to Drive Tourism Recovery”.

This report comprises the second part of a two-phased study. It is based on in-depth interviews with consumers from European markets (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) and long-haul markets (Australia and the United States), as well as interviews with experts in the tourism industry. It covers travellers’ behaviour and experiences during the summer of 2022; the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges such as inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine war; as well as travellers short- and long-term expectations and desires with regard to European destinations. Based on these findings, the report provides a set of recommendations for European destinations, allowing them to plan and make strategic decisions to enhance tourist experiences and ensure adequate responses to the shifts in tourism demand.


ETC Consumer Travel Attitudes and Expectations - Winter 2022