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Sustainable Tourism Implementation Toolkit

Publication date:
Mar 2021





To complement the Handbook on Sustainable Tourism Implementation, this toolkit of practical resources aims to assist NTOs with the implementation of sustainable tourism schemes. It is intended to support both those NTOs considering a national certification scheme, and those who are not, to advance national efforts to improve sustainability outcomes.

This table provides an overview of the tools:

1Sustainability Explained & Global ForcesPowerPoint SlidesPresentation illustrating the main sustainable tourism concepts and global agendas
2ABackground InformationGuidanceGlossary of terms, key organisations and milestones
2BAdditional Resources WeblinksGuidanceLinks organised by sustainable tourism themes
3GSTC Certification Bodies and StandardsGuidanceExplanation and examples
4.Tourism StakeholdersInfographicTourism stakeholders by category
5.Researching National NeedsGuidanceGuiding principles to support with process
6.Building a ScenarioGuidanceFactors and options to consider when building scenarios of potential models
7.Slovenia Case StudyCase StudyInfographic illustrating Slovenia national model
8.Public CallInfographicTips for launching a public call for participation
9.Types of Activities for Targeted DevelopmentGuidanceGuidance for determining activities that will support achievement of goals
10.Capacity BuildingGuidanceGuiding principles for building capacity of tourism stakeholders
11.Recruiting External SupportInfographicTips for recruiting external / specialist support
12.Workshop ProgrammeInfographicIllustration of workshop programme for implementation of national certification scheme
13.Monitoring & EvaluationGuidanceGuiding principles for monitoring and evaluation of sustainable tourism programmes
14.Marketing SustainabilityPowerPoint slidesPrinciples for sustainable tourism marketing and promotion with researched examples

Tool 1: Sustainability Explained


Tool 2A: Background Information


Tool 2B: Additional Resources Weblinks


Tool 3: GSTC Certification Bodies and Standards


Tool 4: Stakeholder infographic


Tool 5: Researching National Needs


Tool 6: Build a Scenario


Tool 7: Slovenia Case Study


Tool 8: Public Call


Tool 9: Types of activities for targeted development


Tool 10: Capacity Building


Tool 11: Recruiting External Support


Tool 12: Workshops


Tool 13: Monitoring & Evaluation


Tool 14: Marketing Sustainability