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The Decision-making Process of Meetings Organizers

Publication date:
Nov 2015


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The brand new ETC/UNWTO Study on the Decision-making Process of Meetings, Congresses, Conventions and Incentives (MCCI) Organisers provides a wide-ranging overview of the meetings, conferences, congresses and incentives segments and an in-depth analysis of planners’ needs and expectations with respect to destination and venues choice. This comprehensive study also provides the reader with a number successful MCCI destinations case study, and with the best responses to address challenges and make the most of the opportunities provided by this sector.

The Meetings industry continues to thrive while experiencing fastest growth in the tourism sector and thus generating millions of revenues. As the one of the main purpose of travel worldwide, this industry has received increased attention from both countries and cities, particularly from emerging destinations, which are considerably and successfully investing in the development of venues, transportation and accommodation infrastructures, and facilities with the aim of attracting business events. In this framework, it becomes core for tourism professionals to achieve an in-depth understanding of this growing sector and its segments.

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