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Tourism Passion Communities

Publication date:
Jul 2019





Europe continues to be the most visited region in the world receiving over 50% of all international tourist arrivals in 20181. Although European tourism continues to grow, the European Travel Commission (ETC) has embraced a new approach whereby a destination’s success is defined by other aspects rather than just tourism volumes.

In-depth knowledge of visitors’ psychographic characteristics (i.e. motivations, aspirations, behaviour, interests, preferences, passions etc.) can support destinations in providing an added value to the overall travel experience. Leveraging the results of a survey targeting more than 3,000 travellers, this infographic presents insights about four interest-related communities: gastronomy lovers, city life enthusiasts, immersive explorers and explorers of cultural roots and identity. Findings shall help European destinations to effectively connect with these groups of travellers and promote Europe based on their passions or interests.

The full  ETC Study on Tourism Passion Communities is available for ETC members only.



The following infographics provide more details about each of the passion communities:

Explorers of Cultural Identity and Roots

City Life Enthusiasts

Immersive Explorers

Gastronomy Lovers