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RFP Monitoring Sentiment for Intra-European Travel Q&A

Travel within the European Union and Europe covers both domestic and cross border travel. For instance, the research should distinguish between German respondents who intend to travel internationally within Europe and the European Union, and German respondents who intend to travel within Germany without crossing borders with other countries.


The research shall be conducted in the following ten European source markets – Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and Austria.

The information on the evolving readiness/willingness to travel within Europe will assist NTOs in deciding when and where to invest time, resources and efforts. Results shall help NTOs with the planning of marketing actions for their local and international offices, distribute the human resources and develop appropriate products and services that will meet travellers’ expectations.  

  • The project should underline the expected trends regarding intra-European travel in the following months and link them to the contextual situation (e.g. opening of air corridors, lifting/imposing of restrictions between countries, seasonality, etc. ) as opposed to just reporting percentages.
  • Timing is essential for the success of the project. ETC would expect the awarded consultant to deliver results in a fast manner – the exact timings will be confirmed during the kick-off meeting.
  • Results should be presented in an interesting and easy to understand way.

The applying consultants are free to propose a methodology that would deliver the most accurate results for the project, considering the allocated budget. For instance, the sample sizes could be national representatives, or they could be smaller, representing only the population that travels actively, e.g. travelled in past two years or planning to travel in upcoming six months. ETC expects consultants to explain why they propose to use a particular sampling method for this project.

The only requirements for the sample of respondents are age and nationality. Respondents should be 18 years old or older and should be residents of the markets of interest. As mentioned above, consultants are free to propose different sampling methods that would support best the objective of the project and are in line with their own-house resources and capabilities.

The questionnaire will be identical for all source markets and all waves – to allow comparison over time.

Yes. ETC will work closely with the awarded consultant for the development of the questionnaire and for ensuring that the outputs of the project deliver the expected results.

ETC expects to receive summary reports in either PowerPoint report or Dashboard with topline results an interpretation of these results. The structure of the summary reports shall be the same across countries and between waves. Please note that statistically significant variances of results shall always be highlighted in the summary reports – and they could vary between waves and markets.

All costs related to the execution of the project must be included in the proposal.

The project will be kick-off at the end of July 2020. The technical preparations shall start immediately after the meeting. ETC expects the consultant to launch one wave of research each month, starting from August and finishing in January.

ETC will announce the awarded consultant and propose a date for a virtual kick-off meeting.