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RFP Thematic Promotional Video Campaign in China – Q&A

No. The proposal should include a fixed co-op package with one unit price, valid for all co-op partners involved in the project.

As mentioned in the request for proposals, the contract value may vary and increase during the implementation period, based on the availability of matched funding and the number of co-op partners that ETC will be able to approve and co-fund.

In their proposal, tenderers are encouraged to indicate the envisaged budget, based on a realistic number of partners that the tenderer feels confident that they will be able to engage

ETC commits to cover 50% of the economic value of each co-op package acquired by approved co-op partners, therefore, creating further value for each co-op partner who will benefit from larger exposure with less investment. Moreover, the campaign should give prominence to Destination Europe as a whole and thereby provide additional leverage to partners. The tenderer is expected to proposed the most appropriate solution to provide benefits to campaign partners based on economies of scale and other factors.

The contractor is expected to create and edit original video content. However, this original content may be complemented with existing footage owned by co-op partners.

Yes, influencer content maybe be considered for the development of content.

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