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The Changing Tourism Environment and its Impact on the Work of NTOs

Publication date:
Jul 2021





Exploring the connection between the changing tourism environment and the evolving work of NTOs

In response to the accelerating demand for tourism, the rapidly changing environment and in search of long-term success, National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) have started challenging their traditional roles and are striving to reinvent themselves and the tourism in their destinations. Forward-looking approaches have been designed to ensure tourism development that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

To capture this critical moment of tourism transition, the European Travel Commission (ETC) has prepared this comprehensive report, which reveals the connection between the changing tourism environment and the evolving work of NTOs. The study investigates the different periods of development of European NTOs and provides forward-looking insights and recommendations for achieving sustainable tourism development. The report also aims to understand the impact that COVID-19 had on NTOs and learn lessons from the crisis to build future resilience for the tourism industry.

ETC is convinced that this report will be of particular use to national, regional and city tourism organisations and the various stakeholders involved in the tourism value chain.


Report on Stakeholders’ Perspective

In addition, ETC produced a short report illustrating the “Stekeholders’ Perspective”.  Section 1 of this report summarises the views of nineteen CEOs of National Tourist Office (NTO) and Tourism Organisations on key themes and topics, while Section 2 places these themes and topics into a chronology of past, present and future. It also draws conclusions about the priorities and building blocks for a future European NTO that is f prepared for further changes in the tourism environment.